1. naimabarcelona:

    Christine Centenera

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  2. twogirlstwosweaters:

    I know this isn’t the direction we were going in, but isn’t this shrug sweet and refreshing?

    Maeve by Carrie Bostick Hoge.

    Pros: Unique, easy to pair with dresses, fills a different need in the wardrobe, really pretty sleeve details.

    Cons: Do we want to own this?

    I’m getting an excited feeling about this one.  

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  3. nothingtochance:

    Kitchen / Raya Todorova

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  5. omegaforums:

    Brilliant Vintage OMEGA Ranchero 30mm In Stainless Steel Circa 1950s

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  6. 1000yardstyle:

    Before Ralph Lauren, men’s street style, NYFW

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